Here you can watch for free some videos about sociability that Maria Zozaya has directed, organized or presented to different international conferences. All are related to the promotion, conservation and spreading information about sociability spaces in a wide sense: gentlemanly capitalism clubs, material culture of associations, music produced by those associations, sculptures of those private sociability spaces or sculptures for the public space. Watch more!

-Documentary on Gentlemanly Capitalism Clubs (1836-2021). Portugal.

-Interview about the book on Sociability Associations Creating Identities, TV. Onda Cádiz, 2017.

-Conference on Arts & Crafts, Material Culture of Gentlemanly Capitalism Clubs. Ahlist, South Korea, 2017.

Cultural Heritage on musical production of 19th Cent. Associations, RESAD, Spain, 2019.

Portuguese Sculptures: Diana FM Radio, Conference on the International Day of Monuments & Sites, Portugal, 2021.

Attacking Sculptures? International Conference CUICIID, 2022.